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ecotube is the most efficient and robust irrigation system on the market. Sourced for the South African market, ecotube has been specifically designed to support efficient farming and sustainable agricultural implementations. This irrigation system is durable enough to withstand a wide variety of agricultural processes.

ecotube is a highly efficient permeable subterranean/subsurface irrigation system (often referred to as a soaker tube) that produces an even water distribution of 100m.

Manufactured in Germany mainly from recycled tyres, this underground irrigation system ensures a consistent release of water, which creates a homogenous, humid zone, providing plants with the perfect amount of water. Because of the permeability, oxygen and nutrients can be distributed through the ecotube as well.

The system saves up to 58% of water and can save up to 70% of water consumption, while at the same time has an average yield increase of up to 27%.

Due to strict quality controls and subsurface installation, ecotube is very durable and protected from external influences like evaporation, UV damage, lawn mowers, animals/pests etc. With practically no maintenance required, even large systems can be operated from anywhere in the world using remote access.

The motivation behind ecotube is to tackle the global shortage of water and food security as well as the conservation of resources and the avoidance of waste, which occurs when using traditional irrigation. Ecotube are used by many farmers around the world, with excellent results. With the environment changing yearly leading to lower yields, it is time we look at sustainable farming, and most of all save water.

How do farmers use ecotube

ecotube is installed at the roots of the plants, vegetables and fruit trees – supplying water directly to the roots. Whereas with normal irrigation and drip irrigation there is the constant waste of water due to wind, sun evaporation, blockages and non-vegetated ground being irrigated. By watering the roots directly the plants receive optimal water.

Our tree farmers run the ecotube on supply lines, which can run up to 4000 meters on one supply line. They connect the ecotube alongside each tree on the supply line and circle the tube around the tree stem.

Our vegetables growers install the ecotube below ground in their vegetable patch. Please note: as the roots of plants grow towards the water, ecotube is installed at certain depths and spacing between crops.

ecotube has successfully been tested on a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Through these various installations and tests we have been able to collect extremely valuable data about the development of the plants. With extremely good results in terms of vegetative growth, plant health and water savings.

Our goal is to provide the agricultural sector with sustainable systems that boost production, are built to last and are cost effective.


ecotube has made a fundamental difference to numerous projects around the world. Here are just some examples of successful ecotube projects


  • Date Palm – Gafsa
  • Citrus – Gafsa
  • Olives – Skhira, Sfax, Zaghouan, Gafsa
  • Oranges – Ben Arous
  • Blueberries – Germany and South Africa
  • Wine – France


  • Eggplant – Saudi Arabia
  • Beetroot – South Africa
  • Tomatoes – Ghana
  • Gardens – Tunis, Tunisia
  • Gardens – Plattekloof Cape Town


Date Palm



Citrus Tree

Blue Berry

Salat Lollo Bionda

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Benefits of ecotube

  • Yield increase of up to 30%
  • Save 58% of water and in some instances up to 70%
  • Fertilizer saving
  • No sodification
  • Longevity
  • Sustainability
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Require less to no maintenance
  • 8 year warranty

*This yield can vary according to plant, soil type, climate and compared irrigation method*.


Yield Increase

Because of the optimal supply of water, oxygen, and nutrients in the root system, there is a significant increase in crop yield of up to 30%. Coupled with this increased yield, plants gain higher resilience and quality.

Water Savings

The water savings from ecotube can be as high as 70%

That’s because of the even and continuous supply of water is provided by the permeable line irrigation – giving your plants exactly the right amount of continuous moisture they need for optimal growth.

Fertilizer Savings

You can save up to 30% of your fertilizer costs because ecotube’s efficiency enables perfectly even distribution of fertilizer directly at the roots of the plant.

No Sodification

Because ecotube is installed underground, salinization (sodification) of the soil is avoided – with many conventional irrigation systems, there is an accumulation of water-soluble salts in the soil, specifically in regions that are arid, causing salinization.


High tensile strength, coupled with permeability across the entire length of ecotube ensures longevity. In addition, because of the underground installation, ecotubeis protected from environmental influences or destruction, such as UV, rodents, agricultural vehicles and the like.

Water Regulation

Using a very low water pressure of approximately 0.6bar for a tube length of over 100m, ecotube guarantees an even water discharge.

This gives plants the freedom to regulate the quantity of water they need.

Soil Improvement

Because of the efficiency of ecotube, plants develop stronger and deeper roots and this, combined with soil additives, ensures a measurably improved soil structure.


It’s not just the high water savings and low fertilizer consumption that makes ecotube planet friendly – the majority of the tube is made of a recycled tyre granulate mixed with polyethylene. The tube itself is 100% recyclable and is exceptionally long-wearing.

Environmentally Friendly

The use of less fertilizer dramatically reduces the burden on flora and fauna, and the ecotube ensures that roots are supplied with water-soluble liquid fertilizer efficiently and economically – saving 30% of fertilizer use when compared to conventional irrigation systems. Furthermore, the product is made of recycled Tyres, which plays a significant role to the environment, as reduces burning of tyres.


ecotube does all the hard work underground, ensuring the aesthetic integrity of the above-ground plants and surroundings.

ecotube vs Drip Irrigation

The system saves up to 70% of water consumption, while at the same time yielding up to 30% more plant growth.

Because it is installed underground, ecotube is far more durable than conventional above-ground irrigation systems. With practically no maintenance required, even large systems can be operated from anywhere in the world using remote access…

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LOCATION:                    Monastir, Tunisia

PLANT:                           Olives



Ecotube was installed in two lines, left and right of each tree.

The results of the yield were much better then what was achieved prior to ecotube with drip irrigation.

The trees have developed stronger roots and used less water since the installation. Even in the hot summer month, the irrigation quantity is sufficient.

Date Palm

LOCATION:                        Gafsa, Tunisia

PLANT:                               Date Palm



The ecotube was installed in a circular way inside the ground around the stem of the date palms.

Since then, this customer has been irrigating exclusively through root irrigation, feeding the water direct where it is needed.

The results after one year are extraordinary. He achieved 50% more yield despite the extremely hot climate during the summer month where temperatures reach up to 45°C.


LOCATION:                         Chiemgau, Germany

PLANT:                                Blueberry



Organic farmer of blueberries in the south of Germany.

He installed ecotube for his existing four year old bushes in March 2020.

So far ecotube has performed perfectly and resulted in excellent plant growth.

Harvest results will be availabe in 2021.


LOCATION:                       Saudi Arabia

PLANT:                              Eggplant



Eggplants in Saudi Arabia are usually planted in sandy soils inside a greenhouse with temperatures rising upt to 50°C.

With the utilization of ecotube, the harvest could be done two weeks earlier and the biomass was 48% higher in comparison to conventional drip irrigation systems.

All while saving aproximately 90% water. Most of it due to no evaporization.

In the picture, the plants on the left have been watered with drip irrigation while the one on the right have been watered with ecotube.

Citrus Tree

LOCATION:                          Gafsa, Tunisia

PLANT:                                 Citrus Tree



ecotube was installed around the tree in a circle around 30cm deep, to satisfy the high water demand of the citrus tree during summer month.

The tree is flourishing and capable to produce more lemons with much less water.


LOCATION:                               Lüneburger Heide, Germany

PLANT:                                      Blueberry



Blaubeerland is the oldest blueberry farmer in Germany. They have been cultivating blueberries since 1934.

ecotube was installed successfully for their new plantations in spring 2020.

Salat (Lollo Bionda)

LOCATION:                               Freising, Germany

PLANT:                                      Salat (Lollo Bionda)



A comparison test with the university of Weihenstephan-Triesdorf was executed during which ecotube was compared to drip irrigation.

Even though the test was performed in October and the temperature wasn’t high, outstanding results were achieved:

Water savings -35%
Increase in biomass +9%

Please contact us for the full report.