Plantosverde created and produced in Germany is the perfect application for all commercial facilities and sports grounds. From Golf Courses, Rugby Fields, Football stadiums and even horse racing tracks.

Plantosverde will keep your grass healthy and green all year round. Plantosverde is not a quick boost, but is rather a fertilizer that maintains the health of your plants in the long run, and in turn creates much stronger and more resilient plants, especially where high traffic is experienced like sports-fields. Plantosverde is perfect for the commercial industry, we understand that fertilizer costs are expensive, with plantosverde 3 kg’s covers up to one hectare.

What is Plantsoverde and how does it work?

Plantosverde is a nanotechnology that enters the stomata of the plant, giving you amazing results just after 2-3 weeks This plant nutrition miracle is in fact activated micronized natural calcite. This compound creates mineral particles which are small enough to enter the leaf (Stomata) of the plant (unlike fertilizers which enter only through the roots). It is a photosynthesis activator, reducing the amount of water the plant requires and acting as a strengthening agent and natural vaccination against a variety of pests. Plantosverde is a natural antioxidant for plants, with vitalising and anti-aging effects.

Made from a calcite using tribomechanical technology, which ensures the finest granularity as well as new physiochemical characteristics that create a higher reactivity in the plant. Numerous studies have shown that not only is Plantosverde non-toxic, even in high doses, it increases calcium absorption, which greatly improves the preservation of plants and increases biotic and abiotic resistance to stress. It also increases photosynthesis activation, ensuring healthier and more resilient plants.

The Benefits of Plantosverde:

  • Increased shelf life and less diseases
  • Increased Brix (Sugar) content – make healthier plants
  • Increased dry matter
  • Improved taste for all fruit and vegetables
  • Improved colour – perfect for grass
  • Saves water
  • Reduced fertilizer cost
  • Overall healthier plants
  • Odourless
  • Pet friendly

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