Environmentally friendly technology and eco-products

We source the globe for green technology and eco-friendly products that save water and conserve energy. We’re committed to food security and a sustainable future for all. Our eco-friendly products are safe, convenient, efficient, and guaranteed to make your life easier.


Based in Cape Town, South Africa and born out of passion for the beautiful Western Cape, EcoWhizz is dedicated to making a positive impact across South Africa and the African continent through globally sourced technology and eco-friendly products.


We maintain the highest technical standards possible and intelligently enhance specific tasks. EcoWhizz achieves this by constantly and consistently staying up-to-date with the latest in environmentally friendly technology from around the world. Our team is always researching, investigating and sourcing cutting edge eco-technology.


We specialise in a wide range of eco-friendly products and systems, ranging from our top of the range irrigation systems and supplies, 100% organic fertilizer to our eco-friendly plant bags and vertical gardens. We are committed to sourcing only the best quality products and making them readily available all across South Africa.


Our primary focus is agriculture and food security as well as supplying both the commercial and residential sectors. EcoWhizz products are all exceedingly relevant, exceptionally high quality, and are sourced with the needs of the South African consumer in mind.


Our eco-products and technology have been specifically designed to support efficient farming and sustainable agricultural implementations. These products are durable enough to withstand a wide variety of agricultural processes 


 We are well-educated on the various South African environmental conditions and understand that South African consumers require systems that are robust and hardy enough to handle even the roughest terrain and weather conditions.


That’s where we come in.


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