Eco Friendly Plant Bags South Africa

WhizzPouch for Sustainable Farming

Because we have placed such a strong focus on food security within the agricultural sector, we believe in distributing products that not only boost the overall growth of farm produce but also create high quality goods that add value to the food supply chain.

Whizzpouches, also known as Fabric Grow Bags are an excellent addition to the growth of a farmers produce. These grow bags can be used across many different types of trees, plants and herbs. Ranging from various types of fruit and vegetable trees (berry, nut trees etc), herbs and even Cannabis plants.

The benefits that you as the farmer will experience when growing your produce in these grow bags are that your trees will not suffer from a lack of nutrients often caused by root binding, which is created when using plastic pots or plastic plant bags. In a plastic plant pot, roots circle around the root ball – causing the roots to suffocate each other and limiting the plant’s ability to absorb essential water and nutrients.

Not only do the WhizzPouches create overall healthier plants, they will also increase your yield by 10%-22% giving you noticeable results, these grow bags also offer excellent drainage and will ensure that your trees will not suffer from rot even if overwatering happens.

Whizzpouches are breathable and are completely reusable and washable, and have an incredible 7-year life span.

Benefits WhizzPouch

  • Breathable
  • Washable
  • Saves Water
  • Reusable
  • Increased Density of Fresh Root Tips
  • No Root Binding
  • Increased Yield by 10 – 22%

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