Organic Fertilizer For Sustainable Farming in South Africa

We have placed a strong focus on food security and sustainable farming. We strive to deliver the best organic fertilizer for your plants at the lowest possible cost. Our goal is to support South Africa’s local farming and production sectors in order to lower costs and to support South African farmers.

That’s why EcoWhizz distributes Plantosverde, a natural and 100% organic fertilizer which promotes healthy plant and crop growth. Manufactured in Germany, Plantosverde has been analysed and tested in multiple universities and on farms in South Africa and around the world, all of which have approved its safety and confirmed its beneficial qualities. Plantosverde 100% Organic Fertilizer is a nanotechnology that enters the stomata of the plant, giving you amazing results just after 2-3 weeks.

What is Plantsoverde and how does it work?

This plant nutrition miracle is in fact activated micronized natural calcite. This compound creates mineral particles which are small enough to enter the leaf (Stomata) of the plant (unlike fertilizers which enter only through the roots). It is a photosynthesis activator, reducing the amount of water the plant requires and acting as a strengthening agent and natural vaccination against a variety of pests. Plantosverde is a natural antioxidant for plants, with vitalising and anti-aging effects.

Made from a calcite using tribomechanical technology, which ensures the finest granularity as well as new physiochemical characteristics that create a higher reactivity in the plant. Numerous studies have shown that not only is Plantosverde non-toxic, even in high doses, it increases calcium absorption, which greatly improves the preservation of fruit and vegetables and increases biotic and abiotic resistance to stress. It also increases photosynthesis activation, ensuring healthier and more resilient plants.

The Benefits of Plantosverde

  • Excellent area coverage – 3kg covers 1 Hectare
  • Increased Brix (Sugar) content
  • Increased dry matter
  • Improved taste for all fruit and vegetables
  • Improved colour
  • Saves water
  • Reduced fertilizer cost
  • Overall healthier plants
  • Odourless
  • Pet friendly
  • Increased shelf life
  • Photosynthesis activator

Facts Sheet

CaCO3 (carbonate calcium) : 82.3%
SiO2 (silicium dioxide) : 8.56%
MgO (magnesium oxide) : 3.02%
CaO (calcium oxide) : 41.7%
Iron: 8783 mg/kg
Mn (manganese) : 156 mg/kg
Selenium: 0.24 mg/kg
Carbonic solubility: 65
Neutralizing value: 47

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2020 Blueberry Trials:

In most cases, foliar applied nutrients and crop enhancement products don’t make a difference in yield and quality when the crop vigour and production is in good shape.

Although this was the case in the 2020 berry trial block, Plantos Verde still managed to increase the fruit yield and fruit brix significantly.

As expected, Plantos Verde also resulted in elevate chlorophyl levels in the leaves and a significant brix increase in the rhizosphere exudate during peak production.


Olive Trees: Turkey, Adana:

Results of PlantosVerde Trial on Olive Trees:

  • metabolism of the trees improves
  • less stress when change of temperature occurs
  • new branches grow up to 1 m in one season
  • old tress start new branches
  • better tolerance to cold temperature
  • more fruits
  • larger fruits
  • stronger skin of the fruis
  • strong aroma parts inside fruits (can be detected objectively by measuring Brix-number)
  • crop is about 2-4 weeks earlier
  • crop quantity increase by about 15-20%
  • oil contents increase
  • oil has a better quality (omega ratio)
  • less insects biting
  • less illnesses appear
  • the number of leaves per fruit is reduced


Three year old trees on a new plantation on the farm Nehaj near Petrijevci owned by Zeljko Turopolec were treated with PlantosVerde. The PlantosVerde treated trees kept their appearance and vegetative development and did not drop off its leaves after the ripening of the fruits.


An apple plantation in an experimental farm of Ivan Vrban in Donji Prnjarovac. Apple plants were treated with PlantosVerde on three occasions, at 3 week intervals; treated plants were of a very green colour, had proper and well- developed leaves, and the flowering of apples was very intense, as well as the budding of fruits. Apple yield was increased by 20% compared to untreated apples.