PlantosVerde is 100 % natural organic fertilizer which promotes healthy plant and crop growth. Plantosverde is a nanotechnology that enters the stomata of the plant, giving you amazing results after just 2-3 weeks.

Plantosverde is a photosynthesis activator, reducing the amount of water the plant requires and acting as a strengthening agent and natural vaccination against a variety of pests. Plantosverde is a natural antioxidant for plants, with vitalising and anti-aging effects.

Our 100% organic fertilizer also contains no harmful toxins so it is 100% pet friendly and odourless.

Plantosverde has great area coverage. 1KG of Plantosverde can cover up to 3333m2 while a 3KG can cover up to 1 hector.

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500g, 1kg, 3kg


• Increased shelf life and less diseases
• Increased Brix (Sugar) content – make healthier plants
• Increased dry matter
• Improved taste for all fruit and vegetables
• Improved colour – perfect for grass
• Saves water
• Reduced fertilizer cost
• Overall healthier plants
• Odourless
• Pet friendly

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